Mental Health for Competition: Preparing the Mind


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Mind over matter

Maryna van Niekerk is fascinated by the power of the mind to either sabotage or enhance performances before and during competitions.

This booklet is a wonderful resource to create awareness for the mental preparation of athletes. 

It is vital that athletes develop their mental skills associated with best performance from an early age.

Maryna has been passionate about the mental preparation of her athletes and has now made her guidelines for some of the most important mental skills available to you.


Table of Contents

The Seven C's of Success
Attributes of Successful Athletes
Create Positive Thoughts
Develop a Positive Self-Image
Create Positive Emotions
Positive Self Attributes
Components of Flow
Warming Up
Drills for Athletes
Settle Down in Call Room
Walk Onto the Competition Area
Event 1
Event 2
Event 3
Concentration Dimensions
Eye Control During a Meeting
Negative Influences “Not” to Focus On


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