Graduated Tables for Performance Optimization in Track and Field


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Making the most of the athlete.

In this publication Owen van Niekerk gives coaches and athletes the necessary tools not only to identify talent, but also to ensure that the talent is channeled in the right direction and developed to its full potential.

The book will provide the reader with answers to two critical questions:

  1. What are the essential criteria that should be met by any athlete wishing to participate in a specific Track or Field event?
  2.  How does a specific athlete measure up to these criteria?

The first part of the book provides coaches with an in-depth analysis of every event as well as a world-first checklist of criteria that should be met by any individual whishing to participate in a specific event. This was developed by Owen over many years.

The second part of the book contains practical guidelines on how to assess an athlete’s natural talents and physical attributes correctly. This step is obvious vital in ensuring that the athlete competes in an area best suited to his/her abilities.

Apart from initial assessment guidelines, the book also provides information which assists the coach with performance evaluations. These easy-to-perform test will clearly indicate the athlete’s level of progress measured to the training process being followed and will also give an indication of the ultimate achievement that can be attained based on the current performance levels.

The relevance of the information contained in this book makes it a must read not only for those involved in the developmental process of athletes at school level, but also those involved in ensuring that world-class athletes achieve their full potential.


.... and he’s done it again!

With this book, Owen van Niekerk his proven himself the best equipped to coach all Track and Field events with authority and to express himself expertly in all aspects of coaching.

It is an honour to know a man of his stature and to know that his country is capable of producing individuals of such quality, individuals who have athletics running through their veins. Owen, South Africa salutes you.

Henry, J. Windell – Athletic Administrator.
Owen proved to be an excellent athlete himself and a brilliant athletics coach. Owen played 10 different provincial sport and coached many South African Champions and Record holders. His experience and knowledge of correct training for each Track and Field event is summarized in this remarkable source.

The book is a valuable tool for all athletic coaches to be applied to each athletic event for training as well as the development of speed and fast-twitch muscle fibres etc. This book can be highly recommended as a necessary tool for every coach who is serious about athletic training.

Henriette Norris - A friend, mother of an athlete and athletics enthusiast.  
En toe doen Owen van Niekerk dit weer!

Owen het hom met die boek bewys as die beste afrigter wat toegerus is om met gesag alle items in atletiek af te rig en hom kundig op elke terrein van afrigting uit te laat.

Dit is ‘n voorreg om ‘n man van sy statuur te ken en te weet dat die land mense van sy kwaliteit kan oplewer wat atletiek in sy are het.

Owen, Suid-Afrika salueer jou

Henry, J. Windell – Atletiek Administrateur.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Testing For Track And Field Events

100 Metres For Men And Women
200 Metres
400 Metres Women
400 Metre Men
800 Metres Women
800 Metres Men
1 500 Metres Women
1 500 Metres Men
5 000 Metres Women
5 000 Metres Men
10 000 Metres Women
10 000 Metres Men
3 000M Steeplechase Men
3 000M Steeplechase Women
Marathon Women
Marathon Men
20Km Walk
110M Hurdles
100M Hurdles Women
400M Hurdles Men
400M Hurdles Women
High Jump Women
High Jump Men
Long Jump Men And Women
Triple Jump Men And Women
Triple Jump – Different Tests: Men And Women
Pole Vault
Shot Put Men
Shot Put Women
Discus Women
Hammer Throw Men
Multi Events
Tests For Sub-Junior Events

Part 2: Talent Identification

Tests For General Physical Capabilities
Middle And Long Distances
The Hurdles
Jumping Events
Throwing Events
Multi Events

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