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athletic-booksOur vision is to empower, inspire and assist athletes to reach their full potential using effective training methods and support materials. These materials are designed for coaches, teachers, parents and athletes themselves.

Using robust mathematical models, long-term studies and years of experience, Owen van Niekerk has written several books that cover in-depth training methods, correct technical assistance and development programmes for athletes of all ages.

Latest Articles

Talent Identification
28.09.10   Talent Identification
There should be testing and searching for talent at every school. Talent identification is not just doing an athletic event. Talent identification should be done at every school to search for talent. Owen and Maryna did 5 years of research at a primary school in Johannesburg, to see what...
Why are Psychological Skills Important for Athletes?
07.09.10   Why are Psychological Skills Important for Athletes?
Is physical practice the only component of your training program? How do you learn to maximize your performance or even to be a consistent performer? Athletes and coaches always think they must only practice longer and harder - they are reluctant to include psychological tools...
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